Panacur Granules 10.2g

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For the treatment of horses and other equines infected with benzimidazole susceptible immature and mature stages of roundworms found in the gastrointestinal tract, including large redworms (Strongylus vulgaris, Strongylus edentatus) and migrating large redworms, small redworm and mucosal larvae, Ascarids, Oxyuris and Strongyloides species. Panacur also kills roundworm eggs.

Dosage and administration

Routine treatment: One sachet per 300 kg bodyweight as a single dose.

Practical dosage recommendations:


Up to 300 kg
eg. Donkeys, Shetlands, other small ponies, etc.
1 sachet

300 600 kg
Larger ponies, Thoroughbreds, Light hunters, Arabs, etc.
2 sachets

600 kg+
Heavy hunters, Draught horses
3 sachets

Increased dosing for specific infections

For the control of migrating large redworm and encysted mucosal small redworm larvae, administer one sachet per 300 kg bodyweight daily for 5 consecutive days. It is not necessary to withhold feed before or after treatment. Assess bodyweight accurately before calculating the dosage. The use of a weigh band is recommended.

Panacur Equine Granules are odourless and tasteless and should be mixed with your horse’s concentrate or grain feed with the full daily dosage given in one feed.

Dosing programmes It is recommended that horses and ponies are routinely wormed up to every six to eight weeks during the grazing season, depending on their individual requirements. Seek veterinary advice for appropriate monitoring, stock management and dosing programmes to allow optimum endoparasite control. In late winter or spring, mass emergence of mucosal small redworm larvae from the horse’s gut can cause parasitic diarrhoea, mild recurring colic, weight and appetite loss and weakness. To avoid this, it is recommended that horses are treated with the 5 day Panacur treatment between the end of October and December. All new horses whose worming history is unknown should also be treated with the 5 day Panacur dose. Pregnant mares and foals may also be safely treated with Panacur at recommended dosage levels.

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