PMSG 5000iu

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Prescription Drugs

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PMSG is capable of supplementing and being substituted for both luteinising hormone and follicle stimulating gonadotrophin of the anterior pituitary gland in both the male and female, stimulating development of the ovarian follicle.
Make up immediately before use.
Reconstitute by dissolving the powder plug in about 5 ml of the solvent provided and then syringe the resulting solution into the solvent vial to mix with the remaining solvent. Administer by subcutaneous or intramuscular injection using normal aseptic precautions.
In conjunction with the use of progestagen treatment when used for oestrus control in noncycling cattle:
400700 iu
15004000 iu on day 913 of oestrous cycle.
Anoestrus post weaning (induction of oestrus is difficult until 40 days post partum):
1000 iu s.c. or i.m. Fertile oestrus usually follows in 3 7 days.
In conjunction with progestagenreleasing sponges when used out of the normal breeding season:
500 iu s.c. or i.m. at time of sponge removal.

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