Rotavec Corona 10ml

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A white liquid emulsion vaccine for injection. Each dose contains:
Bovine rotavirus, strain UKCompton, serotype G6 P5 (inactivated) a 1/4 dose of vaccine stimulates a virus neutralising antibody titre: 7.7 log2/ml (guinea pigs).
Bovine coronavirus, strain Mebus (inactivated) a 1/20 dose of vaccine stimulates an ELISA antibody titre: 3.41 log10/ml (guinea pigs).
E. coli F5 (K99) adhesin 1/20 dose of vaccine stimulates an ELISA antibody (OD492): 0.64 (guinea pigs).
Thiomersal 0.051 0.069 mg While calves are fed colostrum from vaccinated cows during the first two to four weeks of life, these antibodies have been demonstrated to:
reduce the severity of diarrhoea caused by E. coli F5 (K99)
reduce the incidence of scours caused by rotavirus
reduce the shedding of virus by calves infected with rotavirus or coronavirus.
Cows and heifers 2 ml.
By intramuscular injection. The recommended site is the side of the neck.
The bottle should be well shaken before any vaccine is withdrawn.
A single injection should be given during each pregnancy between 12 and 3 weeks before calving is expected.

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